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Florida Marlins and Scott Proctor agree to terms

Wow!  I didn't know that Scott Proctor's arm was still attached to his body.

According to a baseball source, the Marlins have agreed to a one-year deal with Proctor pending a physical.

A product of Florida State and native of Stuart, Proctor became a free agent when the Dodgers opted not to offer him a 2009 contract. Last season he was 2-0 with a 6.06 ERA in 11 appearances. He missed most of 2008 with an elbow injury that required surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon and shave a bone spur.

Proctor, who turns 32 in April, is expected to be ready in time for spring training next month.

Scott Proctor has been used and abused during his career as a reliever and last year it finally took its toll.  He was placed on the DL from late June to early September for elbow tendonitis.  In October he had surgery to repair the torn tendon and has been rehabbing ever since.

In other words, Proctor is no sure thing, he is a reclamation project for the Fish.  Proctor has averaged losing a mph on his fast ball each of the last three seasons.  Likewise with his slider.  Those are his two main pitches.

What Proctor will be able to do come spring training is anybody's guess.  But even if he returns to form and hopefully he will, he has never matched the season Joe Nelson put up last year.

If he is healthy and resembles his old self, he will be an asset in the pen, when he isn't setting everything on fire.  If he isn't able to be his old self, he won't make the club.  Or at least, shouldn't make the club.

And oh, Happy Birthday Scott!

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