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BPA: A Measure of Offensive Effectiveness

While the title, which I ripped off, sounds like something better suited for Beyond the Box Score there is a point to this.  Which maybe throwing the folks at a bone.

Anyway, Ray Flowers of the Rototimes ran the data on the 2008 season and he used BPA as his measure.  In case you are wondering what BPA stands for it is: Bases per Plate Appearance.

I will admit I'm not all that familiar with the metric and looking at the equation, I'm not sure, at first glance, it is picking up exactly what he says it is picking up.  But given the historical data, it is definitely picking something up.  Perhaps I will ask Sky, who studies this stuff.

Be that as it may, the Marlins top offensive producer as measured by BPA was Hanley Ramirez.  Big surprise.

.629 Hanley Ramirez

Now this is where it gets interesting, the number two performer in terms of the metric was none other than Cody Ross.

And finally, Cody Ross of the Marlins finished with a .524 mark which actually put him ahead of much bigger names like Bobby Abreu(.523), Vladimir Guerrero (.520) and Justin Morneau (.518) to name just a few.

Not only was Cody the best defensive player for the Marlins overall, he was also the second best batter when it came to generating total bases.

And that ain't bad.

(Note to Mom: Jeff Bagwell is on the historical list of best BPA of all time.)