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Weekend Chum Bucket

We made it to the weekend, Yay Us!

If you didn't see the article Fishcrazy linked to in yesterday's Chum Bucket, you may want to take the time to read it.  It basically is about how the Marlins front office is having internal discussions about Andruw Jones.  Internal discussions really don't mean much, but it is conceivable it could lead to something more.  Which begs the question:  didn't the Marlins try this last year with Jacque Jones?  And if I remember correctly, it didn't work.  If the club wants to invite him to camp to see what he has left in the tank, then fine.  Just as long as he is trying out for the 4th outfielder position.

But enough about that from me at least.  You can discuss away.

In other sports, the NFL's playoffs continue on Sunday.  The Heat continue on the road playing both Saturday and Sunday.  The Panthers head up to Tampa for a game on Saturday.  Also, there are college games galore.

Should you want to take a break from sports and discuss anything from cow tipping to auto repair to how to look innocent in a lineup.  This is the place.

It is the Weekend Chum Bucket where everything is fair game.

Have a Great Weekend!