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Florida Marlins interested in Orlando Cabrera?

According to a report the Marlins have shown some interest in Orlando Cabrera.

According to a blog post in Chicago's Daily Herald, the Blue Jays and Marlins have "shown some interest" in former White Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera (pictured).

The 34-year-old declined salary arbitration from Chicago after the 2008 season, which could've seen his salary bump to $10 million for '09 after making $9 million the previous year. Cabrera, a Type A free agent, would cost any team that picks him up a high draft pick.

This makes absolutely no sense.  1) The Marlins can't afford him.  2) Where the heck would he play?  Sure he is a better defensive shortstop than Hanley but the team at this point isn't going to require Hanley to change positions.  If one were to move Cabrera to second, Danny would have to move to third.  That isn't a good idea.  Especially since it takes middle infielders a long adjustment period in order to play defense effectively at the corners.  (In case you are wondering why, it has to do with reaction time among other things.)

On top of all of this, the Marlins would have to give up their first round pick in draft, thus making it more expensive.

Orlando Cabrera coming to the Marlins, ain't going to happen.  Or at least it shouldn't -- it makes no sense.