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Stadium News - Sort of

As you may remember, the vote on the remaining contracts was preliminary scheduled for Jan. 22, now it doesn't look like we will make that date.

A vote on pending Marlins ballpark agreements expected this month could be pushed to February.

Though no documents have been released...


The administration may not release the documents until later this month and a vote could come in February, Victoria Mallette, county communications director, said Tuesday.

All of this information is from Miami Today News which has been anti-stadium from the beginning, so take it with a grain of salt.  While Miami Today has been against the stadium from the outset, I can respect the fact that they have never tried to hide that.  If there was a possible negative spin to put on the stadium, they went for it.

But in all of their reporting, negative though it may be, they never made up their own facts.  They would just spin them to fit their viewpoint.

If they are correct, and I have no reason to doubt them in this case, there is no way the county commissioners will have the documents in their hands in time to vote one way or the other on the contracts a week from now.

The short version: looks we are in for another delay.  Albeit not a long one, hopefully.