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Andrew Miller still rehabbing

According to Juan C. Rodriguez on his blog, Andrew Miller is still trying to get his knee in shape.

One thing to monitor is Miller's left knee. Remember, he spent time on the disabled list with patellar tendinitis last season and underwent an OssoTron procedure midway through the year. Miller had the same shockwave therapy treatment done last month. He said everything is going great so far, but makes you wonder how that knee will hold up during the rigors of spring training and beyond.

If for whatever reason Miller and/or Anibal Sanchez don't start the year in the rotation, the Marlins have guys like Ryan Tucker, Aaron Thompson, Frankie De La Cruz and Sean West waiting in the wings. Anybody wishing Scott Olsen was still a Marlin?

To answer the question first: Yes, I do.

As for the rest of it: Oh Boy.  Miller at this stage in his career is a bit erratic with his pitches.  Sure he has electric stuff, but his command of it still leaves a lot to be desired.  And if his knee starts giving him problems it will only exacerbate the control issues.  Also when a player starts focusing on a hurting joint, there goes his focus on pitching.

Whether he is ready to go or not, we will find out soon enough.