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Anibal Sanchez to stay in rotation

Anbial Sanchez is expected to make his next start.

''My arm feels fine,'' Sanchez said. ``I don't have too much to say. I feel good. I know I am having a bad time right now. The past two games have been terrible. Everyone goes through tough times like this, but this is just not me. I'm better than this.''


''He just couldn't get on track,'' Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said. ``His fastball was up and his curveball was kind of loopy. He had a tough time getting through it.''

Gonzalez said he didn't think anything was wrong with Sanchez physically, adding that he planned on starting him in five days.


If Sanchez continues to show negative progress, he will probably be shutdown and relegated to throwing bullpen sessions.  But for the time being, he will remain in the rotation.

Assuming this is something that one has to go through in order to recover from shoulder surgery, might as well go through it now.

But I will say this: Anibal saying he feels fine doesn't inspire at lot of confidence in me.  I'm sure Mark Wiley is keeping a close eye on him.  Or at least I hope so.