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Florida Marlins defense improving -- sort of

The Marlins put together their longest errorless streak of the season.  That is, until an error was made last night.

The Marlins went into Monday having not made an error in their past seven games, their longest errorless stretch of the season. Florida has made just 24 errors in 48 games since the All-Star break. The team's .986 fielding percentage in the second half ranks sixth among NL teams.

Overall, the Marlins' 104 errors rank 15th in the NL, just ahead of Washington (109). Florida's .980 fielding percentage is tied with Washington for worst in the league.

One can easily find other defensive metrics that show, as a team for the season, the Marlins are around the the middle of the pack in the NL.

But what doesn't show up in any stat you care to use are the routine plays that weren't made.  For example: once again the Marlins should have turned a routine double-play last night to get out of a inning, but didn't.  Naturally it allowed the Phillies to take advantage to score some runs.  Or you could, if one desired, bring up a grounder that Jacobs just watched trickle by him.

The Marlins are getting better, but they are still making boneheaded plays.  Just not quite as often.  However, the ones they do make, are ending up to be quite costly.

Nonetheless, they are getting better -- sort of.