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Jeremy Hermida to give a tour

I don't know if you remember this but the last time the Marlins were in Philly, Jeremy Hermida hit one of those screaming foul ball line drives that has everyone ducking in the crowd.  Well, everyone but a kid.

Right fielder Jeremy Hermida hopes to make amends this week with 6-year-old Tyler Babel, the Philadelphia boy who sustained a broken left orbital bone when he was hit by Hermida's foul ball at Citizens Bank Park last month.

Hermida plans to take the boy on a tour of the Marlins clubhouse and let him watch batting practice. He also will present him with a bat emblazoned with the boy's name. He said the tentative day is Wednesday.

I can guarantee, broken face bone or not, the young Mr. Babel will end up being a Jeremy Hermida fan for life.  But that is one high price to pay to get a tour of the visitors' clubhouse.