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Luis Gonzalez looking to add another one

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Luis Gonzalez has played in 42 ballparks in his career, if I added correctly, and he has hit a home run in 35 of them.  One of the ones he hasn't produced a tater is Busch II,

Luis Gonzalez is looking to hit his first home run at new Busch Stadium. He hit 10 home runs in 56 games at old Busch Stadium but has none in six games at new Busch.

But that could all could change in this series.

In case you're curious, he also hasn't hit a home run in: Baltimore's Camden Yard, Detroit's Camerica Park, Oakland's Network Associates, Seattle's Kingdome, and Washington's Nationals Park.

No matter how long Gonzo plays he will never complete the list since the Kingdome was blown up.

Nonetheless, he can add one more in the plus column during this trip.

[Update]  Apparently, my math skills suck.  David Pinto of Baseball Musings fame reported at the Mets Blog that:

The blog, however, leaves out a couple of stadiums.  Gonzalez played in 44 different parks and homered in 38 of them.

The 38 number is absolutely correct.  However, I keep checking my list of parks and I am only counting 43.  I wonder which one I am missing now.

Anyway, thanks David for the correction.