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Chum Bucket

The Marlins get the day off today which I guess is good since I'm sure flying to St. Louis takes a couple of days.  Who the heck was the scheduler for MLB this season?

But an off-day is always nice and it will give the guys time to ride that roller coaster thing up to the top of the arch.

However, in the meantime, we are left to our own desires.  So feel free to talk about anything that comes to mind.  There is a limited schedule today in MLB with only three games being played in the NL.  But no matter, you can talk all the baseball you want.

Or if you feel in a college football frame of mind, and they tell me there is a game on, go for it.  Or maybe the U.S. Open tennis thing is up your alley and who knows, maybe someone will pretend they know what you are talking about.

But whatever the case, like all Chum Buckets, this is an open thread.

Have a Great Day!