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Florida Marlins attendance - yesterday

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It seems the internet is all a flutter with the Marlins actual attendance for yesterday's game.

The Palm Beach Post had this:

In the minutes leading up to the 1:10 p.m. first pitch against Atlanta, reliever Joe Nelson and two other players counted the fans in the stands. The tally was 584. In the press box, the unofficial count was 589.

"We didn't count event staff, either," Nelson told reporters after the 5-3 victory. "But maybe you guys had a better view."

The USA Today reported this way:

The Marlins still think they have a shot at making the playoffs, but their fans seem to have conceded.

Depending on whom you ask, fewer than 600 fans watched the Marlins keep their postseason bid alive with a 5-3 win over Braves at Dolphin Stadium.

And there are others, so many others.

But the funny thing is they didn't bring up the low actual attendance numbers of some of the other teams who were playing middle of the week day games on the same day.

The Texas Rangers for example.

Attendance won't be announced for several innings, but this appears to be the smallest actual attendance I've ever seen in Arlington in 12 seasons. There is not a single section in the stadium that looks even half-way full. Some in the press box have guessed seriously that there are less than 1,000 people here. I'm going to say it's under 2,500.

And then there is the Brewers playing the Mets.

Miller Park looked a bit deserted one day after the Brewers' record streak of sellout crowds ended at 22 Tuesday night. But with school back in session across the state, that was to be expected.

And the Brewers and the Mets were playing indoors out of the heat.  Of course, normally this time of year isn't very hot in Wisconsin.  In fact, it is normally gorgeous.  And that isn't even bringing up the point that both teams are in the playoff hunt.

The bottom line is:, the Marlins aren't the only ones who draw small crowds when it comes to late in the season midweek day games.  It happens all over.

However, Marlins fans seem to take the brunt of the attendance media coverage.  Sometimes for almost legitimate reasons, but this isn't one of those times.

I'm sure if you were to examine the Marlins overnight television and radio ratings, both would show a drop off.  Life in South Florida is just like anywhere else, people have jobs and kids attend school.

If the media wants to bash Marlins fans, then fine.  There are several avenues to take.  But the attendance to yesterday's game isn't one of them.