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Cody Ross remains clutch

Cody Ross did what he has done all season long, when the team needs a hit with runners in scoring position, he delivers.

With the bases loaded in the seventh, the Braves intentionally walked Marlins catcher John Bakerto pitch to Cody Ross, who smacked a single to right field to score the go-ahead run.

Actually, that isn't correct.  The Braves walked Baker to load the bases.  Which was probably the right thing, strategically, in order to keep hope alive to get out of the inning.

Ross, who came in 25 for 87 (.287) with four home runs and 41 RBI with runners in scoring position, has been the batter after an intentional walk a few times lately but isn't bothered.

"They're not doing it just because it's me. They have to play the situation out. But I take pride in that. I want to come through for the team right there," Ross said.

Keep walking the guy in front of Cody, that seems to be working out well for the Fish.