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Sergio Mitre released

As Hurricane reported in yesterday's Chum Bucket, the Marlins have released Sergio Mitre.

Now it's 16 players eligible for salary arbitration.

Monday, the Marlins reduced their list by one when they released right-hander Sergio Mitre. The move was not unexpected considering Mitre made $1.2 million through arbitration in 2008, but did not pitch for the Marlins this season. He was injured in spring training and underwent Tommy John surgery in July.

"He's a top of the rotation starter in terms of his stuff," said Mitre's agent, Matt Sosnick, adding he was grateful the Marlins released Mitre sooner rather than later. "I certainly understand where the Marlins are coming from. Our expectation is once Sergio comes back in the middle of next season, he's going to help somebody."

Sergio's playing days aren't over, assuming rehab goes smoothly.  Whether he will back in time to pitch in 2009 is a little doubtful, but could happen.

Mitre always seemed like a good guy and he has a lot of talent.  His problem is just staying healthy.  Which maybe he will be able to do after the surgery.

We definitely wish him all the best.

This is the just the first of possibly many moves to come pertaining to arbitration eligible players.  Believe me, more on the way.  Most likely the others will involve trades.  The reason Mitre wasn't traded is that players coming off surgery have no trade value. 

This could end up being an interesting offseason.