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Sam Madison a Marlins fan?

New York Giants cornerback, Sam Madison, may be a Marlins fan.  Or at the very least, he dresses like one.

After Monday morning's practice, Giants cornerback Sam Madison showered, changed and pulled on a black Florida Marlins baseball cap -- then turned around to find a cluster of quizzical reporters.

"Hey, don't get me in trouble with these New Yorkers," Madison said quickly. "I have a Mets hat, too."

I have absolutely no idea who Sam Madison is.  This is probably because I don't follow professional football at all.  And I don't really pay much attention to college football unless Rice happens to be on television, which doesn't happen very often.  Come to think about it, I don't follow football at any level.  Now if you do, great!  A lot of people love the sport.

But back to the point: did Madison go to college in Florida or hails from the state?  Or did the Marlins make a new fan?

I'm way too lazy to lookup his bio.