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Stadium News - Sort of

The never ending saga of court battles that could effect the opening of a new stadium for the Florida Marlins continue.

Sarah Talalay once again has the update.

Attorneys for the plaintiff, Dr. Gregory Strand, in the Florida Supreme Court case that has been holding up a decision in auto dealer Norman Braman’s suit targeting the financing for a Marlins ballpark filed a motion today to request yet another re-hearing of the case.


Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jeri Beth Cohen has said she plans to follow the court’s newest ruling that referendums aren’t needed to use property taxes to pay back bonds on long-term projects. But at the request of Braman’s attorneys, she agreed to wait until Oct. 2, when the period to request a re-hearing expires.


It’s unclear whether the motion to re-hear the case will alter Cohen’s decision to release her ruling on Thursday, but it’s unlikely. It also seems unlikely the court would decide to re-hear the case a second time.

The court is not required to re-hear the case, but it also has no timetable for making its decision.



And the possible delays keep coming.  Hopefully Judge Cohen will grow a spine and rule on Thursday and we get on to dealing with Braman's promised appeals to follow.

It don't come easy.