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Bo "Stop Sign" Porter

Bo Porter needs to work his shoulder out more and start windmilling some runners home.

I won't get all statsy on you but, if the third base coach thinks there is a better than a say 40 percent chance, the break-even point, that the runner will be safe he needs to send him and especially with 2 outs.  The statistics show that the runner has a better chance of scoring on a play at the plate than the next hitter getting a hit.  While this is true for baseball as a whole, it is especially true for the Marlins who aren't all that great at batting with runners in scoring position.

I'm not suggestion he send everyone, no matter who they are, to the plate.  If Jacobs or Lo Duca is running, the stop sign may be appropriate.  But like the other night when Amezaga was stopped at third representing the tying run with two outs, that was a bad decision.

I do understand that if a runner is thrown out at the plate the blame falls to the third base coach and therefore he may be hesitant to send the runner.  That is only human nature.  But if the third base coach wants to give the team the best chance to win, calculating who is running versus where the ball was hit, i.e. center, left or right field, he will send him if the success rate is deemed above 40 percent.

The success rate of a runner scoring from rounding third with two outs, is around 90 percent.

It is possible Tango Tiger will read this post and enlighten us further, and I hope he does.  But the bottom line is this: Bo "Stop Sign" Porter is being way too conservative.

And where the Marlins are in the standings, this is not a time to be conservative.  The Fish need to be in the going for broke mode.  Now, it may not work, but it is the way to go.