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Cody Ross the Topps

The baseball card company, Topps, is honoring Cody Ross.

The Topps baseball card company salutes one player from each state in its 2008 Allen & Ginter collection.

The New Mexico honoree is Cody Ross, an outfielder with the Florida Marlins.

“Cody, who once pitched a perfect game for Carlsbad High School, is the first Portales-born player to reach the Major Leagues,” according to the back of the Topps baseball card.

“He already ranks third among New Mexico natives in career home runs. Though Ross has a long way to go if he hopes to catch all-time state baseball legend Ralph Kiner, the versatile Marlins outfielder got jump-started in 2007 with a .335 average and 12 homers in 66 games.”

Congratulations Cody!

So be sure to look for that set at a baseball card shop near you.  I would say try to open as many packets as possible which you bought at your nearest connivence store.  But if your town is like the one I live in, they don't sell baseball cards there anymore.