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Kevin Gregg is throwing again

Kevin Gregg is trying to test out his knee by throwing again -- sort of.

Closer Kevin Gregg played catch Tuesday for the first time since taking time off because of a sore left knee. Gregg has not pitched since blowing a save Friday against the Mets. Pitching coach Mark Wiley said the outing was a success and Gregg will progress to a mound before determining when he can return.

Until Gregg throws off a mound, with no discomfort, he is just rehabbing.  And even after he takes the mound, it could be a while before he is ready to return.

Given that there are only 23 games left in the season, I doubt he will return.  Even if he does, he will just pitch to a batter here and there.

Rhodes and Lindstrom are going to have to find a way to hold down the closer's slot.  Rhodes I don't worry about too much, but Lindstrom, I do.

It's not that Lindstrom doesn't have the potential to do it, it is just that I'm not sure that potential has been realized.