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Ichthyomancy ends in a tie?

A tie?  That's a first.

Wait a minute, there are no ties in baseball.  However in this case there is.  

The 2008 version of Ichthyomancy has two Champions:  Bumppo and Fishcrazy.

Congratulations to the winners!

I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest this year.  I would especially like to thank those who played the game all the way to the end: LadyFish, Spud, Hurricane, C60, Jrsyeagle, Dgriot and Stlcardinalsfan.  You done good.

I will be in contact with the winners in the near future to work out how to split the prize.  Though it seems like half a stick of gum isn't that rewarding for season long amount of work.  Just kidding, it is that rewarding.

Stay tuned: Playoff Ichthyomancy is on the way.  There are no prizes in it other than bragging rights.  IIRC no one has every won the regular season contest and post season contest in the same year.  But I could be wrong about that.

Anyway, Congratulations once again to Bumppo and Fishcrazy!  Nicely done.