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Wes Helms and Arthur Rhodes may be back

Wes Helms and Arthur Rhodes may be in teal again next season.  (The team really needs to incorporate more teal into the uniforms and if not that, the promotions.)

The Marlins have told both Helms and left-hander Arthur Rhodes they'd speak with their representatives about bringing them back in 2009. Acquired from the Mariners at the July 31 non-waiver deadline, Rhodes allowed one run in 13 1/3 innings (25 games).

"It's the first team we'll talk to in the offseason," said Rhodes, who retired Carlos Delgadowith two on and two out in the eighth.

Helms also would welcome a return, saying he thinks the reserve corner infielder role suits him.

Wow, who would've thunk it.  You hit the game winning home run in the finale, play great defense in the late innings and do a good job of pinch hitting through out the season.

Or in Rhodes case, just simply come into the game in high pressure situations and get the hitter out.  Time after time after time.

And the club wants you back?  Who knew.

But of course this is the Marlins and whether Helms or Rhodes returns will depend exclusively on how much money they will make next season.  As always, it has nothing to do with past performance, kinda sad really, but that is way it is.

If I got to choose, they would both be Marlins next season.