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Will Wes Helms be booed in Milwaukee next year?

In case FSNFL didn't show it when the Marlins played the Brewers in Milwaukee, every time Wes Helms came to the plate the fans would boo and boo loudly.

I wonder if that will change.

Helms took special enjoyment in his home run not so much because it hurt the Mets but because it helped the Brewers. He played in Milwaukee from 2003-05 and said he has been booed whenever he's gone back.


"I'm sure Wes won't have a problem getting anything to drink in Milwaukee next year," Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

Helms added, "If they win the World Series, I may get a big cheese basket."

If any Brewers fan would like to send a cheese basket to Wes, I will get you the address.