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Detroit Tigers need a pitching coach

The Detroit Tigers are searching for a new pitching coach and they have their eyes cast to South Florida.

...possible candidates to be the Tigers' next pitching coach:


Mark Wiley

Marlins pitching coach

He had success with the Indians in the 1990s. Perhaps more important, Wiley coached Dontrelle Willis in 2005, his best season.

There is one slight problem with the Tigers plan, Mark Wiley isn't available.

All the Marlins coaches will return.


Marlins coaches and trainers with expiring contracts had them renewed. Pitching coach Mark Wiley, hitting coach Jim Presley and bench coach Carlos Tosca signed two-year deals last year.


"If you look at teams that are successful — it's the same staff for the most part," Gonzalez said. "It's very good for the whole organization to be on the same page when guys from the minor leagues come up and know exactly how we're going to run things."

The only way the Tigers can talk to Wiley is if the Marlins let them and that ain't going to happen.  Or at least it shouldn't.

I can understand why the Detroit would want him, but the Coyote is ours.