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The Florida Marlins lineup that was cancelled

As was reported last night, the Marlins game versus the Nationals was cancelled due to rain and won't be made up.  Not surprising since both teams have been eliminated from the playoffs.

If the game had been played the Marlins infield would've had a little different look.

The Marlins had planned to start Alfredo Amezaga at second, Dallas McPherson at third and Robert Andino at short Thursday.

Assuming Gaby was scheduled to play first and hopefully Carroll was slated for the outfield, that would've been an interesting lineup to watch.

Not that the normal lineup isn't interesting, it is just that I always like it when the kids get to play the field and get more than one PH at bat.  Especially given the Marlins are just playing for pride.

But alas, it didn't happen and the Marlins are going to stick with the regular players from here on out.