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Wes Helms wants to remain a Marlin

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Wes Helms likes wearing the teal.  Yeah, I know, the Marlins uniforms contain almost no teal on them, but it does make for a good intro line.

Backup infielder Wes Helms, a free agent after the season, has told the Marlins he would like to return in 2009.

''I would love to come back here, and I have indicated that to them,'' he said.

I have no problem with Wes being a member of the Marlins next season.  He pinch hits decently and his glove most definitely works.

Helms attempted to school the callups, being the veteran that he is, to what they could expect in the final series of the year.

Veteran infielder Wes Helms, who played for the Phillies last year when they won the division, said he has tried to prepare Florida's young players for the weekend's series.

"I said, Friday night you're gonna see playoff atmosphere. It's going to be just like we're going to the playoffs Friday night," he said. "It's gonna be loud. It's going to be sold out. You're going to see something that you've never seen in your life before. Yeah, you got called up to the big leagues but you haven't seen what you're going to see Friday night."

Uh, Wes, I think the young guys have seen a rain out before.