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Florida Marlins to play the regulars

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Not to get ahead ourselves, but the Florida Marlins are going to play the regulars against the Mets.

If the New York Mets are concerned about reliving 2007, they should be aware Florida Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez plans to play his regulars during a season-ending series at Shea Stadium - just like a year ago.

"We're going to jump from the frying pan right into the fire and be in a significant series - 'spoiler' or whatever you want to call it," Gonzalez said Wednesday before the Marlins played the Washington Nationals.

The Mets host the Marlins for three games Friday through Sunday to close the regular season. 

Which has absolutely nothing to do with tonight.  So it is conceivable that the kids will play again tonight, the ones who are aren't hurting, at least.

But let's get back to the Mets series.

There are possible problems ahead that could extend the season or at least make it painful for both teams since a Noreaster is expected to hit the region.

The Mets as yet have no contingency plans for the rain in the forecast over the next three days. If Thursday's scheduled game against the Cubs is rained out, it would be made up Monday, if necessary. But if Friday's or Saturday's game against the Marlins is postponed, a doubleheader would be a possibility.

Since the Mets are tied with the Brewers for the wild card, these games are going to be played.  The question is: when?  Assuming the front brings the predicted rain.

The good thing is it might make it possible to skip Nolasco's start and let Olsen and Johnson close out the season.

Seeing how we are talking about the Mets for the moment, I found this interesting and perhaps you will too.  A reporter for NY Post who covers the Mets was in Philadelphia last night.

I'm here covering the Phillies side of the NL East chase but went over to the Atlanta clubhouse to talk to Chipper Jones about his home run.

When I got over there it was the top of the 10th and many of the Braves were dressed in their suits sitting around a big-screen TV watching the game. Several players debated who had worse fans - the Phillies or the Mets...

Wow, the Braves can't decide either?  Talk about the eternal question.

When basically asked about the upcoming weekend series, Chipper Jones had this to say:

I asked Chipper what he thought about this weekend and he said, "I wouldn't want to play the Marlins right now."

And Chipper knows baseball.