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Flordia Marlins walking wounded report

Some of the young Florida Marlins callups are experiencing some aches and pains.

Cameron Maybin leads off.

But in the top of the sixth inning, after a single and stolen base, Maybin was visibly bothered by a leg problem. In the bottom of the sixth, he exited with a stiff left hip.

"It's fine. I felt a little tightness," Maybin said. "I was surprised that I came out. I guess at this point in the season, you rather be more safe than sorry. It feels good."

John Baker is second up.

Matt Treanor made his second start in three games, affording catcher John Baker some rest for a balky left knee.

Given the fact that they are playing more games over the long season than they ever have before, this is quite understandable.

But it is something to file away in the back of your mind, because catchers with knee problems and center fielders with leg/hip problems aren't good things.

But as I said, it is just, probably, from overuse and shouldn't be anything to worry about.