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Misty May-Treanor Dances with the Stars

It seems that Misty May-Treanor is doing her best Ginger Rogers impersonation on Dancing with the Stars, and so far so good.  Of course she is getting a little help from the Marlins.

The Marlins arrived in their hotel rooms Monday night in time to watch Misty May-Treanor dance the fox trot on Dancing with the Stars.

"We were coming into the hotel as the show was starting. She gave me her number to vote to give to the boys," her husband, catcher Matt Treanor, said with a smile.

" 'Gonzo' (Luis Gonzalez) and all the boys had watch parties. They were texting me. They didn't appreciate the kiss at the end from the other dancer. I said, 'I'll mention it to Misty.' "

Good idea about mentioning the kiss to her since 39 highly tuned baseball players carrying bats to correct the situation probably won't help her chances of winning when her partner ends up in the hospital.

Personally, I have never watched Dancing with the Stars and this is no exception.  I mean c'mon there are baseball games to watch.  But if it is a show that you enjoy, Misty made the first the cut and is still in the running.

Though I must admit Matt and I have the same skills on the dance floor.

Matt Treanor admits he's no Fred Astaire and said the only times he can remember dancing with his wife, Misty May-Treanor, was at a bar and after their wedding. ''Booze dancing,'' he called it. ''I've never had any formal training,''

Yeah, I know a thing or two about dancing with the right amount of "lubrication".  Generally it involves swaying back and forth with a drink in one hand. 

And who says romance is dead?