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Cody Ross catches BTBS' attention

Cody Ross was listed by Beyond the Box Score as one of the Players who had an Underrated Season.

Cody Ross, Marlins CF -- While Florida seems to prefer fielders who are known for their hitting, Ross has been a bright spot in center, tallying +9 runs saved this year.  His bat has also been an asset, posting an .813 OPS.

In fact, Cody leads all of the NL in the RZR stat.  RZR stands for revised zone rating.  In other words, when a ball is hit into Cody's fielding zone he is better at converting the ball into an out than anyone else in the league.

I'm going to do a post very soon on why defense matters and hopefully drive home the point.  I was planning on waiting till the end of the season, but I may do it sooner than that.

Heck, I may even take the time to teach you how to calculate runs saved.  But I'm lazy so I wouldn't count on it.  However, it could happen.

Anyway, you have been warned that it is coming.