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Florida Marlins have a new Triple-A club

The Florida Marlins are expected to announce today that the Triple-A affiliate will be New Orleans for the next two years.

A two year association with the New York Mets will end this year and beginning next season, the New Orleans Zephyrs will be the Triple-A affiliate of the Florida Marlins.


The Marlins, a major league expansion team created in 1993, will be the Z's fifth MLB parent since the Zephyrs moved to New Orleans from Denver the same year. 

This probably a good thing.  New Orleans has about the elevation has Miami, it is actually a little lower.  The city is hot and humid and thus providing the same playing conditions as in South Florida.  Also it is closer to the big club.  And who knows, maybe the pitchers breaking balls will actually, you know, break in the Crescent City.

Albuquerque was a wonderful host for the time the Marlins spent there, but all things come to an end.  And this no different.

So, New Orleans it is.  As they say: Laissez les bons temps rouler!*

* it's Cajun for: Let the good times role.  In case you didn't know.