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The Marlins going with a new look

The Marlins sported a new look yesterday and are expected to continue the trend as long as they win.

Was it about it being a new month? Or was it about their sporting a new look? Was it about September? Or was it about the socks?

Whatever it was, the Marlins aren't complaining. Wearing their pants up to show off their black socks, the Marlins began the new month on a happier note than the one on which they ended the old one.

''Everybody was complaining,'' said catcher Paul Lo Duca, whose idea it was to have everyone hike their pants in a show of team unity. ``I told them I hope we win 10 in a row, so you'll have to wear them 10 days in a row like that.''

Nobody's changing a thing, not after the Marlins defeated the Atlanta Braves...


'Let's hope September is better than August,'' said manager Fredi Gonzalez, who participated in Monday's style change.


Lo Duca roamed the clubhouse before the game, urging his teammates to go with the new look. Jorge Cantu and Hanley Ramirez were the biggest grumblers, but followed suit in deference to team spirit.

When Cantu smashed a two-run homer in the first off Mike Hampton, he went on the offensive the moment he stepped into the dugout.

'He said, `It's not the pants. It's not the pants,' '' Baker recalled.

Said Cantu afterward: ``I think I'm going to wear them again [Tuesday].''

So it's high pant legs for the time being.  Baseball players are known for their superstitions and contrary to what Stevie Wonder sings about, they strangely do matter.

Heck, I can remember in 2003 when the Marlins went on a run wearing their black jerseys and played in them, solely, all the way through the playoffs and finally winning the World Series wearing black.

At this point I could pull out the Bull Durham quote about streaks, but I don't think I will.  But you know the quote.

If high pant legs work, go for it.  Fashion be darned, we need some good karma.