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Hanley Ramirez doubtful for tonight's game

Hanley Ramirez, as of last night, is still nursing his sore shoulder.

Hanley Ramirez doesn't believe his shoulder injury is serious, but he said he might not be able to play Friday when the Marlins open an important series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

''It's hard, but I'm not going to rush myself,'' Ramirez said.


Ramirez winced in pain as he pulled on an undershirt while speaking to reporters, and he said it bothers him at the plate.

I'm guessing he won't start again tonight, and there is no need to rush him.  The magic is either going to happen or it won't where the playoffs are concerned.   And there is no reason to mess with the shoulder he had surgically repaired during the offseason.

When he is feeling up to it, he will return.  In the meantime, Alfredo plays a mean defensive short stop and it is interesting seeing Maybin adjusting to JRS in the outfield.  Not to mention the two of them are doing pretty good at the plate.  And by pretty good, I mean really good the last two nights.