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Florida Marlins Triple-A club

The Florida Marlins may or may not end up in New Orleans.  Depending on who you believe, the Marlins may still be shopping for a new location.  And a new location is going to happen since Albuquerque announced a deal with the Dodgers yesterday.

Some reports have the Marlins considering Syracuse.

When officials from the Washington Nationals visited the Syracuse Chiefs Thursday at Alliance Bank Stadium, the scoreboard displayed a Nationals' logo with a message: "Welcome to Alliance Bank Stadium."

On Saturday, a Florida Marlins' logo will go up on the scoreboard.


The Mets, Nationals, Marlins and the Chiefs' former partner, the Toronto Blue Jays, are the major league teams available. Simone said he talked with the Marlins Thursday, and the Chiefs said the Marlins will visit Syracuse Saturday.

The Washington Times reports that the Marlins aren't in visiting mode just yet..

The Syracuse Post-Standard reported the Chiefs talked to the Florida Marlins on Thursday, but a team spokesman told the newspaper there were no meetings scheduled with the Marlins.

Who to believe?  The Washington Times has a dog in the hunt -- the Nationals.  And they aren't exactly known for their accuracy, but maybe Syracuse is trying to gin up interest.  I don't know.

The Marlins front office may or may not be in New York on Saturday.  Only time will tell.

The one good thing about Syracuse over New Orleans is that Syracuse is in the IL and New Orleans is in the PCL.  The IL is definitely a bonus.