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Florida Marlins new Double-A affiliate

Not only is it possible the Triple-A affiliate will be changed, the Florida Marlins are expected to move the Double-A affiliate as well.

The Jacksonville Suns are expected to announce today that they have reached a two-year deal with the Florida Marlins to serve as that major-league team's Double-A affiliate, replacing fellow Southern League member Carolina.


"I'm thrilled to death to have the Marlins as our affiliate," Suns president and general manager Peter Bragan Jr. said Wednesday after his meeting with Marlins officials in Miami. "The Marlins have an excellent organization and have a lot of young, promising ballplayers that will be playing in Jacksonville the next couple of years. I know the fans in Jacksonville will come out and see some of these future major-league ballplayers.

The move to Jacksonville will put the Double-A team closer to South Florida.