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The Marlins call ups won't see much action

As expected the September call ups are here for their cup of coffee, but not much else.

Center fielder Cameron Maybin, first baseman Gaby Sanchez and pitchers Ryan Tucker and Jesus Delgado -- all from the Double A Carolina Mudcats -- arrived Tuesday, but none was in the starting lineup.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said he would use the new players when he could, but insisted the Marlins were still in the race for the NL East title, and he would manage the team that way.

''We're playing to win this thing,'' said Gonzalez, whose team is 5 ½ games behind the Phillies in the NL East race and 5 ½ in back of the Mets in the race for the NL wild card.

``We will use them where we see it can help us, pinch-run, pinch-hit. The best-case scenario is we win it, and we give them a start here or there..''

Huh, Fredi, the Marlins are only 5 games back in the NL wild card.  But be that as it may the Marlins still have three games each against the Phillies and the Mets after the Astros leave town.  And as close as the NL East and the NL wild card races are it is incumbent on the Marlins to field the best team possible, even if they fall out of the race.

That falling out of the race stuff isn't something I'm willing to entertain at the moment.  Since the Marlins are on a roll, the starting pitching is looking good, the bats are starting to come alive and the bullpen is holding their own.  Not saying it is going to happen, but Colorado did it last season -- so we know it can be done.

But all of this means is that the young guys up from the minors, will see very limited action.  You know, kinda what happens every year.