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The Hall of Fame doesn't care

The Florida Marlins are the first team in the history of major league baseball to have all four infielders hit at least 25 home runs -- and The Baseball Hall of Fame doesn't care.

The Hall of Fame hasn't called yet about obtaining mementos from Friday's historic night for the Marlins, who became the first team to have four infielders belt at least 25 homers each when third baseman Jorge Cantu hit his 25th.

Just in case, though, the Marlins have set aside the lineup card, and Cantu's home run ball was retrieved for safekeeping.

I really don't know how express my disappointment with this, but believe me, I am disappointed and that is putting nicely.

But the fact they won't even recognize the feat is a travesty.  I know the only ones who like the Marlins are us, but come on.  They do something no team has ever done before, in the history of the game, and it is not even acknowledged?  What an insult.

Thanks HOF, we love you too.  What a bunch of jerks.