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Joe Nelson cramps up

In case you were wondering why Joe Nelson was removed from yesterday's game, he cramped up.

After Nelson gave up a lead-off walk in the ninth, Gonzalez suggested his pitcher use a higher left leg kick.

"I started getting my leg a little higher and that's when it started cramping," Nelson said.

Nelson left the game with two outs and an 0-1 count on Lastings Milledge. Nelson said he was OK "three minutes later,"

The high leg idea was working for awhile.  But perhaps, we should practice that high leg kick thing in bullpen sessions before trying it out in game situations, just to make sure the pitcher can sustain it.  Or at least so he can get his muscles adjusted.  Then again, when it was all said and done the Marlins won the game, and that is what is really important.

Increasing the height of his leg kick wasn't a bad idea, it just turns out Joe has missed a few yoga classes.