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Florida Marlins infield made MLB history

The Florida Marlins infield achieved something that no other team in the history of major league baseball has ever achieved, they all have hit 25 home runs or more.

After Jorge Cantu had jubilantly circled the bases and crossed home plate, Mike Jacobs was the first teammate who hugged him.

Dan Uggla hugged Cantu next and Hanley Ramirez did the same before Cantu disappeared into the dugout. It wasn't orchestrated that those three were the first to mob Cantu after his 25th home run in the fourth inning Friday, Ramirez said, but it was fitting.

Cantu, Uggla, Jacobs and Ramirez made major league history as the Marlins became the first team to have four infielders with 25 or more home runs in a season. Cantu's blast, which tied the game at 1, highlighted the Marlins' third consecutive win, 2-1 against the Nationals at Dolphin Stadium.

"They'll go down in history, they'll get their name in the Hall of Fame, I believe," said Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, predicting that Friday's lineup card will be sent to the Hall. "This is big. It really is. People are going to be talking about those names for a long time."

So I'm guessing Fredi didn't give the lineup card to either Cantu or Olsen after last night's game and is holding it waiting for the call from Cooperstown.  Which should be coming.

True to any historic achievement by the Marlins, and there have been many, the good natured Marlins team did their usual.

After the players entered the clubhouse, Uggla jokingly told Cantu, "It's about time."

Wouldn't expect anything less from Danny.

This is a big deal, contrary to what Baseball Tonight thought.  In their program they didn't mention the feat until almost 27 minutes in a 30 minute program.  Like it happens every day.

But forget them, they don't matter.  What does matter is the 2008 Marlins infield did something that no one has ever done before.

The interest thing is: if Cantu can get hot they all may end up with 30 home runs each for the season.  Even if they don't, who cares, they are history makers as it is.

Congratulations to Danny, Hanley, Mike and Jorge.