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Florida Marlins 2004 Hurricane Games

I found this, albeit wrong, recount of history about the Florida Marlins 2004 season, when they had to reschedule games because of a Hurricane.

Chicago Sun-Times blog.

The Astros announced that Friday and Saturday games are postponed, but they're still hoping to get a doubleheader in either Sunday or Monday and play the three games.

Good luck on having the Cubs fly in Saturday, which is supposed to be when the Hurricane - which could be a Category 3 - makes landfall.

Bad timing after the Cubs finally win a game. So much for momentum.

But the same thing happened to the Marlins, who had to play at the Cell a few years ago, and it didn't affect them.

It didn't affect them?  Let's see.

Before Hurricane Frances hit South Florida on September 5, 2004, the Marlins were in second place in the East, 8.5 games out of first.  But winning the division isn't something the Marlins do, in fact, they never have.  The more telling stat is that the Marlins were 2 behind in the wild-card standings.  And that is where we do our magic.

Frances made landfall and home games were cancelled.  To counteract the cancellations the Marlins had to play 29 games in 26 days to finish out the seaon.  Off days were erased and some so called "home games" were played in Chicago.  The Marlins pitching became so thin they had to get a player off his couch at home who played A-ball to start a couple of the double headers.

By the time the season ended, the Marlins finished in third place in the East, 13 games back and sixth in the wild-card race 9 games out.

With all due respect, I think it had an affect.