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Kevin Gregg getting bad press

Kevin Gregg is getting a raw deal in the media.  I didn't save all the stories that say the following, and the one highlighted is very far from the most egregious, there are many others that put it in a much worse light.

In a painful 5-8 stretch for the Marlins, Gregg blew four games, starting with Daryle Ward's pinch-hit three-run homer for the Cubs on Aug. 15 and ending Aug. 29, when he had a 2-1 lead with two out before he loaded the bases against the Mets and gave up a grand slam to Carlos Beltran.

Gregg confessed to the injury, took time off to heal and returned to the team in a different role this week.

Gregg's bum knee was known to the club before he had the four blown saves.  The problem wasn't he didn't let anyone know, the problem was that he thought he could work through it.  And as the results show, he couldn't. 

Gregg didn't hide anything, he just didn't understand the severity of the problem and that is different.

Players from an early age are taught to play through pain, but not through injury.  That is sometimes hard to tell the difference when you are a very competitive person.

Given the situation the Marlins were in should have Gregg been more cautious about is physical condition?  Maybe.  But players who are competitors will always think they can play through the pain and get the job done.  If they didn't, they wouldn't have made their way to the majors.