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Kevin Gregg still wants to close

Unless Matt Lindstrom falters I doubt Kevin Gregg will regain the closer position this season.  But Gregg still thinks he can close

Kevin Gregg might not be pitching in the ninth inning, but he still sees himself as the Marlins' closer.

''I racked up over 60 saves over the last two years. A lot of guys can't do that,'' Gregg said. ``I believe I can pitch the ninth for anybody.''

When Gregg is healthy, I have no doubt he can pitch the ninth for just about anybody.  The just part comes from I think there are some closers in the game that it would next to impossible to unearth.

But Gregg definitely has was it takes mentally and, when healthy, physically to get the job done.  But as it stands right now, the Marlins don't know whether they count on Gregg's knee performing three or even two days in a row.

And even if they could, it appears the Marlins are curious to see if Lindstrom has the mental makeup to be a closer.  Not everyone does.  This is an enticing question for the Fish because if he does, he is going to be a heckuva lot cheaper than Gregg will be next season.

It's not too hard to price yourself out of the Marlins market.