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Jeremy Hermida does all the good

Jeremy Hermida gave a tour of Citizens Bank Park to the young Tyler Babel.

Marlins right fielder Jeremy Hermida was the host and tour guide as he led Tyler Babel through the clubhouse before Wednesday's game.

Babel, 6, who was hit by a foul ball that sailed off Hermida's bat Aug. 5, got the red-carpet treatment. Luis Gonzalez gave him batting gloves, and Dan Uggla and others joked with the first-grader. There were some bats and autographed balls, and Hermida led Tyler onto the field at Citizens Bank Park.

''This is awesome,'' Babel said.

Babel sustained three fractures and spent three days in the hospital. But he, his older brother, Matthew, 8, and mother and father were all smiles Wednesday. Each wore a red Phillies T-shirt jersey and a black Marlins cap. ''The Marlins are my second favorite team,'' Babel said.

Hermida has kept in touch with the family and followed Tyler's progress.

"I've been talking to his Dad quite often," Hermida said. "Every time they have a doctor's appointment they call me and let me know. His Dad has been real nice about it and pretty cool about the whole situation. He understood I was worried and I cared for him. … He's not 100 percent in the clear, but for the most part it is. They have to keep track of how it's healing."

Say what you will about the Marlins, but when it comes to doing the right thing, they never swing and miss.

And that, as Tyler says, is awesome.