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Florida Marlins Mermaids Calendar

The Florida Marlins Mermaids are unveiling their new 2009 calendar today.

The Marlins Mermaids make a splash at the unveiling of their first calendar. Nikki Coconut Grove will transform its dining room into a catwalk where the women will showcase the latest Miami styles and perform a their fan-favorite routines. The event is open to the public. 2889 McFarlane Rd., Coconut Grove; 305-626-7332.

So if you have nothing better to do, or possibly if you do, the unveiling starts at 8:00 p.m.

Check it out and get to watch the Mermaids do their little turn on the catwalk,.  Yeah, the catwalk.  They do their little turn on the catwalk.

My apologies to Right Said Fred and the Mermaids.