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More on Anibal Sanchez

Mark Wiley says he is fine.

Wiley believes it's a natural progression after having surgery.

''He's fine,'' Wiley said. ``I don't know if his arm strength is at the level where he can be 100 percent. He hasn't gotten back to 100 percent as far as his optimum performance. I think he will be there, but he isn't there right now. He can still pitch, but he isn't [all the way back]. At the beginning of the season, Ricky Nolasco [who sat out last season with an elbow injury] went through the same thing..''

Sanchez will get extra rest because of the off day Thursday, but will start Sunday against the Nationals.

The Marlins actually have a legitimate major league pitching coach this year, so if the Coyote says he is fine and just working through it -- I'm down with it.

While it is unlikely the Marlins will make the playoffs, though not impossible.  Anibal is a too important of a piece of the rotation to not allow him to work through his difficulties.

Anyway, Hendrickson is looking all that bad in long relief.  Sure, it's not the ideal way to go, but if that is what it takes -- that is what it takes.