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Marlins sign Paul Lo Duca

If you read the comments from last night, The Architect reported that the Marlins signed Paul Lo Duca to a minor league contract.

Russ101 pretty much covered the particulars in his fan post.  So read about it there.

Lo Duca was signed to be catcher insurance in case Treanor or Baker, but mainly Treanor, can't get through the rest of the season.

Also if you read the comments you know that Jrsyeagle reported that the Marlins claimed Astros catcher, Brad Ausmus,  off waivers.  What is kinda interesting is the Marlins claimed Ausmus before signing Lo Duca.  Brian McTaggert of the Houston Chronicle has this to say.

The Florida Marlins reportedly claimed Astros catcher Brad Ausmus off waivers shortly before they signed free agent Paul Lo Duca to a minor-league contract Friday.

Multiple newspaper reports in Miami said the Marlins targeted Ausmus, who has the right to refuse any deal because of his 10-5 rights. Ausmus said Friday he wasn’t aware of a waiver claim and said he would be unlikely to approve any waiver deal.

The Astros will either pull Ausmus off the wire or try to make a trade with the Fish, which the Marlins probably won't want to do.  And after the two teams finish talking amongst themselves, Ausmus will nix anything they agree to.

There is a very small chance that Ausmus will want to join a team in the middle of the playoff race in the twilight of his career, but I don't see that happening.