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Florida Marlins homerless for the first time

The strangest thing happened in that bandbox the Phillies call a park:  The Marlins didn't hit a home run.

Take your pick as to the more amazing aspect of this week's series against the Phillies: That the Marlins failed to hit a home run in one of the most home run-friendly parks in baseball or that they did so and still won two of three.

The Phillies became the first team this season to keep the Marlins in the park for an entire three-game series. It hadn't happened since June 12-14, 2007, when the Indians did not allow a homer during their interleague visit to Dolphin Stadium.

Now that could be due to the Marlins maturing as hitters and taking what is given instead of coming out their shoes every time they swing.  Or it could be that the Marlins most prolific home run hitters, Uggla and Ramirez, are mired in a bit of a slump since the All-Star break, which they are.

You decide.

But it is nice to know that the Fish can find other ways to win other than the blast.  That could come in handy later on.  But if they want to hit the Earl Weaver style three-run homers again, I can live with that too.

Just as along as they win.