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Andrew Miller rehabbing

While the Hammerheads aren't eating as well, the GCL Marlins are still doing fine.  At least until Sunday.

Andrew Miller (right knee tendinitis) threw an inning for the Marlins' Gulf Coast League team Monday and is scheduled to pitch again Sunday for Jupiter. ''I think we'll try to get him revved up as fast as we can,'' said Gonzalez, who did not rule out putting Miller in the bullpen when he comes off the DL.

I'm not sure what the hurry is to get him in the bullpen for the Fish, but there seems to be a reason.  Personally, I wouldn't rush him back.  But when he is ready, then fine bring him up.  When, if, Miller returns it looks like the odd man out will be Hendrickson.  Now, that is assuming the Marlins won't  go with 14 pitchers and I don't think they will.

Only the Texas Rangers do that.