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Matt Treanor returns

The Hammerheads post game spread in tonight's game won't be as good as it was last night.  After the big club's game, the Marlins activated Matt Treanor.

All the benchmarks the Marlins have been looking for before clearing Matt Treanor to come off the disabled list have been reached.


Chances are Treanor could be in the starting lineup on Thursday afternoon, when the Phillies are going with lefty Cole Hamels.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez noted that once Treanor returned, at least initially, he wouldn't step in five days a week.


"We wouldn't catch him right off the chute, five days in a row," Gonzalez said. "Right now, we'll pick our spots. You hate to run him back out there five or six days in a row."


"Behind the plate, he's fine," Gonzalez said of the reports on Treanor. "Running, he's not going to beat anybody in the 60-yard dash, but that's fine."



Sounds like to me they are going to handle Treanor with kid gloves initially and maybe longer in hopes of nursing him through the rest of the season and hopefully beyond. Once the coaches see him in action it is possible he will return to being the main catcher again...injury permitting. But even if Treanor regains the main catching duties this season, I would expect that Baker will see a lot of action and not just being the Sunday catcher.

The fact is that Treanor still has muscle tears in his hip and will need surgery once the season ends. Therefore, the club probably won't overextend him, if they can avoid it.