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Jeff Allison's comeback

Jeff Allison is still working on his comeback.

Jeff Allison isn't sure if he'll ever be able to reclaim the velocity that evaporated from his fastball, and he's dead certain he'll never get back the five years that disappeared from his life.


But Allison is alive and pitching, and for that he considers himself fortunate.



They were five turbulent years for Allison, who nearly died of a heroin overdose and all but squandered his baseball future. He spent more time wondering how he would find his next drug fix than how he would work an opposing batter. His life was in ruins.

Until he finally confronted his problem and decided it couldn't continue.

''It was just terrible,'' he said. ``I was sick and tired of dragging my family and loved ones through the mud with me. I just wanted to live. I just wanted to live a normal life. I wanted to be an old person.''


``The opportunity that [owner] Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins have given me -- I know I'm lucky to be here.''


'I'm not 30 years old, so I definitely have a chance to reach the big leagues,'' Allison said. ``I've got the opportunity here, and I'm just trying to make the most of it. It's another chance at life. It's another chance at baseball. And I'm taking full advantage of it every single day.''




As always I wish Jeff the best, and I'm just happy he is alive and getting his life back in order.  There was a time where I wasn't sure that was going to happen.

I doubt Allison will ever pitch in the majors for the Marlins, but they doesn't mean he won't for another team.  Since he is only 23 he could build himself to be trade bait.  But really, that isn't important.  What is important is that he continues along the path he is on, and lives a good life.  If that life includes baseball, then great.  I will cheer for him every time he takes the hill.  If it doesn't, so be it, and I cheer for him in anything he pursues.