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Matt Treanor still rehabbing

Matt Treanor is coming along with his hip injury and may return this week.

Chances are good that catcher Matt Treanor will return to the Marlins later this week but the team doesn't have a date.

Treanor (left hip strain), who has played in three straight rehab games for Class A Jupiter, will play at least one more before the Marlins decide whether to activate him.

"The plan right now is to see how he comes through and maybe stay there and at least catch another game," Gonzalez said.

John Baker has done well in Treanor's absence. He went 2-for-4 Sunday, finishing the homestand 8-for-21.

Baker can hit soft-tossing lefties, which is special among the Marlins. Of course his .238 overall BA while striking out 35 percent of time isn't all that great and not to mention he has thrown out only 3 of 11 base runners. The throwing out thing, is not all his fault, to be fair.  However his .798 OPS is pretty impressive.

I'm not trying to run Baker down, I think he has done a fine in relief.  I guess what I am alluding to is the catcher position is the bigs is not the same as the catcher position on your fantasy team, where hitting only matters.  Handling the pitching staff is job one and Treanor is more experienced at doing so.  Though, I must say this of the young Mr. Baker, he is a very quick study.

When Treanor comes back Baker will be the backup catcher, but should see a lot time behind the plate due to Treanor's injury.